2 Player Unvirtual Playground

Earlier this year i got commisioned by Rezone Playful Interventions & Bosch Architecture Initiative to create a design together with Maurer Architects for the historic KoudIjs Fabriek in s-Hertogenbosch.
We accepted this challenge and designed a 2 player architectural platform game, that uses the available space
& resources on location to transform the space to a physical playground.

Rezone aims to convert empty property to a gaming platform;
How do you convert empty buildings to a playful, creative and interactive environment with a public function, where people feel involved?
Rezone teams up game developers with architects and commissioned them to create interactiveprototypes for the historic former flour feed mill De Heus Koudijs.
Aiming to involve visitors in a playful way by offering them a new perspective on the space, building and location.

More info:http://rezone.eu

Game Play Festival NYC

Braingames & Tombraider 0.1 will be part of the NYC Game Play Festival taking place at the Bricktheatre in Brooklyn this weekend

Game Play Festival focusses on fusing the techniques and live presentation of theatre with the themes, structures and technology of interactive games.
Featuring an international line up of artists & musicians this weekend at Brooklyns Brick Theatre.

Game Play Festival – The Brick Theater Inc

575 Metropolitan Avenue- Brooklyn New York NY


Europe in 8 Bits Feature Documentary

Me & Heayoung Kim metup with filmmaker Javier Polo in Berlin when we played at the Worldtronics festival, to be part of his upcoming documentairy “Europe in 8 Bits
See the trailer below:

Europe in 8 Bits is a documentary that explores the world of chip music and related art,
that is growing exponentially throughout Europe. The stars of this musical movement reveal to us how to reuse old videogames hardware like Nintendo’s GameBoy, NES, Atari ST, Amiga and the Commodore 64 to turn them into a tool capable of creating a new sound, a modern tempo and an innovative musical style. This is a new way of interpreting music performed by a great many artists who show their skills in turning these “limited” machines designed for leisure in the 80’s into surprising musical instruments and graphical tools

Live Animation Show with Bly de Blyant

Liveanimation for genre-smashing trio Bly de Blyant to celebrate the release of their
album ACB at Hubro records
Bly de Blyant’s debut album “ABC” offers inspired, imaginative music from a collaboration between Norwegian drummer Øyvind Skarbø, Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily, and Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson.
Landmark Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers Alle 5, Bergen Norway

Klunkyś Foomp Project

Produced an animation & flipbook for Klunky, commisioned by illustrator Mieke Driessens for her ongoing Foomp project, along with other foomp works, to be found at Klunkyś website

The architecture of Play – ICA London

Im playing a Live Animation show at ICA London this saturday with live music by C64 Messiah
LFA´s theme this year is Architecture of Play;
Taking place annually and spanning the entire month of June, LFA is a ‘time for architecture’ in the city. This month long slot will remain a constant and will enable June to become synonymous with the celebration of architecture, both local and international, in London.
LFA London
Institute for Contemporary Art
The Mall,
Saturday 1th of June – 8 P.M.
£5 / Free to ICA Members

Role Playback Exhibition Milwaukee

Im participating in the Exhibition “Role Playback” at the Union Gallery, Milwaukee, Winsconsin.
Role Playback: A second look at creative music video production
November 15th – December 14th

Role Playback focuses on the complex, collaborative processes involved in music video production. The exhibition highlights the work of dedicated art directors, set designers, artists, and collaborators of music videos up-close and in-detail for the public to view. Production methods spotlighted include a variety of intricate stop motion animation, complex feats of kaleidoscopic choreography and the delicate human touch of one puppet’s journey through a carnival fantasy. This fantastic collection of national and international production artists will change the way you view music videos.

Featuring OK Go, Marieke Verbiesen, Trish Sie, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Tom Haney, Lucas Borras and Martin Allais.

Union Gallery
2200 East Kenwood Boulevard
Milwaukee, Winsconsin


Online documentation Pole Position

Pole Position is a game where the physical and digital world come together, born from the human desire to recreate digital environments, and reshape them to our own physical world. 
Users play the game with with a custommade joystick that controls a small reallife car and moving elements in the
installation competing against digitally generated objects in a race against time. “Pole Position” aims to create an environment where digital space, time and objects come together in a physical game that users control. 
”Pole Position” adds the spectators senses to the “man against machine” game experience and demonstrates digitally implemented ideas spatially, while staying true to their 2d origins.


pole position

Added Screeningsdates Reloaded

Oh yes, our monsters are still on tour – and have failed to come
back to us in turn for yet another round of festivalscreenings.
Catch reloaded on the big screen here:

Slamdance Festival, Los Angeles, USA
Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago, USA
Sydney International Animation Festival, Sydney, AUS
Onedotzero x CCA Cryptic Nights, Glasgow, UK
Onedotzero x Transvizualia 12, Krakow, PL
International Fest of Contemporary Animation, Moscow, RU
FestAnca Animation Festival, Bratislava, SL
Supertoon Animation Festival, Brac, Croatia, CR
SolarCinema, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL
Trickfilm Festival for Animated Film, Stuttgart, DE
Milan Film Festival, Milan, IT


CICFF Festival Chicago

Reloaded just won a prize at the CICFF Festival in Chicago


Braingames Screening @ Empac New York

My animation Braingames is part of the onedotzero programme Future Cities
screening at Empac, New York
Nov. 15th – 9 P.M.
An eclectic selection of short films, animations and motion graphics presenting evocative visions of future cities and our urban destinies. Juxtaposing utopian fantasies with nightmarish dystopias, future cities highlights the possible metropolis of tomorrow with sci-fi architectural visions, near future
worlds and even touches the warped frontier of space.

Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC)
110 8th street
EMPAC Building
New York 12180

future cities trailer from onedotzero on Vimeo.

Interview with Animation Magazine

I did an interview with Casey Safron of ABP for Animation Magazine
Marieke Verbiesen’s animated scientific experiment Reloaded won best music video at Animation Block Party 2011. She is a multi-faceted filmmaker, working in various mediums from electronic gaming to interactive cinema and installation art.

Read it here


Live Animation @ Click New Media Art Festival Denmark

This weekend i will give a Live Animation workshop & liveperformance at the Click New Media Festival, Kulturværftet Helsingør, Denmark.
This years theme at CLICK A/V festival is the theme “The Ear, The Eye, The Hand” expanding the audiovisual experience with the human intervention, the glitch feed, the hand crafted pixel perfection.
Line Up:
Tristan Perich (US) Manfred Mohr (DE) Marieke Verbiesen (NL) Ubermorgen.com (US/CH) Kim Asendorff (DE) Rosa Menkman (NL) Jamie Allen (CA) Videogramo (ES) Nullsleep (US) Goto80 (SE) Raquel Meyers (ES) Ole Kristensen (DK) Marcin Ignac (PL) Motorsaw (DK) Vectral (DK) David Gauthier (CA) Bo Thorning (DK) Max Beta (DK)

Click New Media Art Festival
Click on Facebook
Allegade 2
Helsingør Denmark


Muu for Ears show at Lydgalleriet

I contributed to the Muu for Ears 9 compilation which will be presented this friday at Lydgalleriet, Bergen Norway
The new CD Compilation “MUU FOR EARS 9″ explores the sound art and experimental music scenes in the North. The compilation contains a wide range of material, including field recordings, sound installations, experimental musical improvisations, remix and sample compositions and live recordings.
Lydgalleriet is a Norwegian gallery for sound based art practices
that exhibits international sound based art and auditive cultures through gallery shows, concerts and interventions in public spaces.

Lydgalleriet Bergen, Skostredet 16, Bergen, Norway
Friday April 13th 2012 8 PM Googlemaps

muu for ears

Game On Exhibition Paneltalk

Games – Art, Entertainment or both?
Presentations & talks part of the exhibition Game On currently on display at KinoKino, Sandnes Norway

Can games achieve recognition as an artistic expression, or will it always be entertainment? This debate illustrates how the various reviews of video games their relationship to the art may depend on the definition you put art into account.

Presentation & Talks by Marieke Verbiesen (NL) Lill Eilertsen (NO)
Emil Bach Sørensen (DK)

Date: 22.03 at. 19.00

game on

Reloaded nominated for Best Musicvideo @ SXSW

Reloaded got nominated for the musicvideo award at South by Southwest,
Austin, TX, USA.
The South by Southwest Music Festival, which celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2011, has reached a quarter of a century of being one of the biggest, most influential and most anticipated music events of the year worldwide.

Saturday March 10th 10:00 – 10:25 P.M. Canon Screening Room
701 West Riverside Dr, Austin, TX
Wednesday, March 14th 4:30 – 5:55 P.M.
Alamo Ritz 1, 13729 Research Blvd, Austin, TX
Saturday, March 17th 3:45 – 5:10 P.M.
Alamo Ritz 1, 13729 Research Blvd, Austin, TX
Online scedule & maps
+ Ill be taking part in the director inverview, see you there!


Game-Art Presentation at Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen

Il be in Copenhagen, Denmark to give two talks at the Nikolaj Kunsthal, in connection to the exhibition “Space Invaders” and the international gameconference Nordic Game Jam.
Everybody plays games – from physical games like Solitaire, Bridge and Chess to digital ones like Wordfeud, Angry Birds, Skyrim and Farmville.When playing the experience and emotions are real – even if the game is not. And now game designers and artists all over the world are challenging the space around the game with physical games like Johan Sebastian Joust, B.U.T.T.O.N., Fingle and the game experiences at the Space Invaders exhibition at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen.
But what happens in the meeting between game and life? Why does the game feel real and how?

Spilbar 8.0 is in the middle of the interactive exhibition Space Invaders.
The programme presents talks by
Bojan Endrovski (Game Oven Studios, Fingle)Søren Lundgaard (DADIU), Christian Fonnesbech (Transmedia expert) Marieke Verbiesen(Marieke Motiondesign) Rami Ismail (Vlambeer).

Where: Nikolaj Kunsthal, Nikolaj Plads 10, 1067 Copenhagen, Denmark

When:  Thursday, January 26th, 17-19

Nordic Game Jam – Space Invaders Nikolaj Kunsthal

Supported by PNEK

Live Animation@Worldtronics Berlin

On the 2nd of december i will do a live animation set at Worldtronics Berlin with 8bit chiptune musicians Bubblyfish(USA) & Disrupt(DE)
The future of electronic music always takes place in the here and now. The latest and most radical developments determine the sub-genres of tomorrow. Yet the new cannot make do without the old. The styles and technologies of yesteryear are cited in the present and stimulate the development of new genres. With the result, sometimes, that the new – while sounding fresh and unheard of – can have a strangely familiar ring to it.
Programme & Tickets here
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin

Added Screeningdates Reloaded

Catch Reloaded on the Big Screen here:

01.03.2012 EMPAC- Troy – New York, USA
16.03.2012 Resonate Festival, Belgrado, SB
23.03.2012 LoveBytes Festival, Sheffield, UK
29.02.2012 HKIAF, Hong Kong Arts Foundation, HongKong, CH
21.01.2012 Slamdance Festival, Los Angeles, USA
03.01.2012 CMoDA Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts, Beijing, CH


MUU Sound Exhibition, Stockholm

I will contribute to the soundexhibition “MUU” with 8bit soundscapes,
on a compilation by finnisch soundcollective MUU from Helsinki. MUU will be presented during the exhibition“supermarket”, taking place at Kulturhuset Stockholm
Sergels torg 3, Stockholm
Opening: Thursday 16th February 21:00
Exhibition Openingtimes Saturday – Sunday 11:00-20:00

OpenFrameworks Workshop

From Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th of December, BEK hosts a workshop in OpenFrameworks; a programming language developed and applied in interactive artworks. OpenFrameworks is a powerful open source tool designed to simplify building creative applications, it has rapidly become one of the tools of choice for a new era of creative designers.
More information here

Pole Position @ Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen

Pole Position will be part of the Exhibition Space Invaders opening this friday at the Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen.

Space Invaders shows works of art and innovative computer games and exploring the blurred line between virtual and real space. The exhibition offers rich opportunities for guests to test both games and works. It presents works of art that employ computer game techniques, effects and aesthetics in new ways, as well as commercial and experimental computer games, breaking down barriers and creating new developments of space and interactions.

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool and Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam.

Opening 11th November 5 P.M.
Exhibition openingtimes 12th November – 29th of January 2012.

Nikolaj Kunsthal – Copenhagen Contemporary Arts Centre
Nikolaj Plads 10, Copenhagen, Denmark


Gamescenes Interview

I did an interview with Mattias Johnson for Gamescenes, read it here

Gamescenes takes a look at historic and contemporary artists’ computer games that push the boundaries of the genre by breaking from traditional gaming orthodoxies.
By conducting a series of interviews with artists, critics, curators, and gallery owners operating in the field of Game Art, as part of an ongoing investigation of the social history of this fascinating artworld. Gamescenes aims is to illustrate the genesis and evolution of a phenomenon that changed the way game-based art is being created and experienced today.


Reloaded in Onedotzero Wavelength Tour

Reloaded is part of this years Onedotzero´s Wavelenght Compilation, and will
tour around the world part of Onedotzero´s Adventures in Motion International Tour.

Serving up radical new takes in music video – a genre that continues to act as a playground for breaking new directors and musicians to make their mark. A legendary showcase of contemporary classics by a new generation of talent alongside established masters – pushing the eye-popping button.

Premiering at the British Film Instititute on Friday the 24th of November 21:00.
Also screening at BFI:
Fri 25 Nov 18.30, Sat 26 Nov 15.50 & Sun 27 Nov 20.45
British Film Institute
Belvedere Road Southbank, London

Reloaded @ Prix Ars Electronica

Reloaded will screen at the Award programme of the Prix Ars Electronica Animation programme, Linz, Austria
Since 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica has served as an interdisciplinary platform for showing creative projects at the interface of art & technology.

Presentation Harvestworks NYC

Next week i will present my live-animation project at
Harvestworks in NYC. I will talk about toonloop, opensource
applications, and how to use stopmotion in a live setting.

596 Broadway, #602 | New York,
NY 10012


Exhibition Gamecity

From the 17th of September until the 6th of November 2011, the artexhibiton Game City will take place. Game city crosses the field of visual art & computergames anno 2011. Next to the exitibition a symposium will take place at the Stedelijk Museum in s-hertogenbosch.
“Game-City highlights the interface between visual arts and computer games.The exhibition shows artistic games and artwork inspired by the imagery of games and game technology.
Marieke Verbiesen will participate in the exhition with the gaming installation “Pole Position”, a physical game based on early classic racegames.”

Game City CBK s-Hertogenbosch
With works by: Champange Valentine, Jan van Nuenen, Tarik Barri, Rafael Roozendaal, Art van Triest, Boris Tellegen & Marieke Verbiesen


Screening @ Brooklyn Art Museum

Participating the the Animation Block Party show – part of BAMcinématek series Animation Weekend at the Brooklyn Art Museum.
Screening on Saturday, July the 30th 6.50 P.M.
Brooklyn Art Museum
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217

Animation Block Party features experimental animation, fresh music videos, and subversive design works.


Exhibition Intermation – Portland USA

In conjunction with PNCA’s Boundary Crossings, the July Interdisciplinary Institute on Animated Arts, the Feldman Gallery & Project Space presents Intermation. Featuring work by Jacob Ciocci, Cassandra C. Jones & Marieke Verbiesen. The exhibition examines the relationship between the animated image and the screen and proposes new utility between or among the traditional apparatus of animation.

Opening Thursday, July 7 · 6:00pm
1241 NW Johnson St.
Portland, USA

For this exhibition i will show the interactive installation “Plan 10″ .
“Plan 10″ exists from sound, lights and animated video that users control trough a controlboard, where they can sequence events projected in a tactile miniature sciencefiction city”


Reloaded @ Norsk Kortfilm Festivalen

Tonight i will be at the Norwegian Shortfilmfestival in Grimstad where Reloaded will be screened amongst other fabulous musicvideos. There will be a short talk after the screeningprogram with the directors. See you there!
Update: Reloaded won the award for best musicvideo!

Animation “A Short History”

A short movie part of the GPS Route commissioned by the BKKC (Brabants Knowledge Centre for Arts and Culture) to promote the small city of Steenbergen.Steenbergen has a rich history fighting of various faces of danger such as wild horsemen, water, fire, and ofcourse, UFO´s…oh wait… thats the future!

Written & Directed by Marieke Verbiesen
Setdesign & Animation by Marieke Verbiesen & Neeltje Sprengers
Sound: Sonic Adventure
Lighting: Northern Light
Thanks to De Fabriek Eindhoven

Sonic Interaction Design Exhibition

Opening in Oslo this week, the exhibition Sonic Interaction Design part of NIME; New Interfaces for Musical Expression, co-curated by BEK. This exhibition features works using sonic interaction within Arts, Music and Design as well as examples of sonification for research and artistic purposes. The exhibition will take place at the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine and will open on 29th May 2011.

Megaslacker @ Press Play on Tape

This Saturday 21st of May you can experience a trip down gaming memory lane during Press Play on Tape.
From 12:00 to midnight you can play my game Megaslacker at
Cinemateket USF Georgenes Verft 3, Bergen Norway
The rest of the program:
12:00 Retro-Gaming; Play Vintage games on Vintage Consoles
14:00 Lecture: The History of Gameconsoles
16:00 Machinima, Using Game Engines for Cinematic Production
17:00 Howto make Music on a C64
19:00: Til midnight: Old Skool Game Challenge
Bonus: Sunday 22nd of May: Filmscreening of TRON 1982

Reloaded @ Visuelt2011

Our musicvideo Reloaded got nominated at this years Visuelt
Visuelt is an annual event for the creative industry in Norway and consists of competition, seminars, prize award, party and exhibition. Visuelt is hosted by Grafill – The Norwegian Organization for Visual Communication, and the aim of the event is to inspire and function as a meeting point for the industry.

Reloaded in Visuelt´s Musicvideo Category

Computermusic4kids@Visningsrommet USF

Marieke Verbiesen´s Interactive musicinstallation Computermusic4kids will be showed at Visningsrommet USF this weekend during the Bajazz Festival

ComputerMusic4Kids is an interactive electronic music installation for children, inviting them to explore the history and sound of classic gaming consoles. By browsing trough an interactive timeline, specific gameconsoles can be enabled to create music using classic gameconsole soundsamples.

8 tm 10 april 12:00 – 17:00
Visningsrommet USF
Georgernes Verft 12


New Animation Work in Progress

Work in progress animation assignment for the BKKC , showing
past, present and future featuring Neanderthalers, Wild Swordsmen,
Mermaids, Cows and UFO´s.
More pics here

Pulsewave NYC

I will be playing a live animation VJ set for NYC´s Pulsewave
Pulsewave is a monthly event that showcases audiovisual chiptune artists,
taking place in the heart of NYC Manhattan; The Tank.
No one will be safe at the next Pulsewave, where candy-coated valentines will exchange blows with pitiless carnality on a sweaty dancefloor smitten by jiggling naughty bits.

Featuring performances by:
Minusbaby · Glomag – Dr. Popular – Crashfaster – Marieke.
Saturday 26th of February
The Tank – 354 West 45th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues) NYC
Pulsewave NYCThe TankGoogle Maps – Be there!

Workshop at Alberta College of Art & Design, Canada

Last week i have been giving a workshop at the Alberta College for Art & Design. Working towards a collaborative installation for the yearly Media Art & Digital Technology Fest, i created the workshop Video & Animation in Physical Space
In this workshop we worked with various technologies in order to create physical installations, involving the use of video, animation and videomapping, resulting in a supernice collaborative installation. See the results here and here.

Braingames @ Amiens International Filmfestival

My animation Braingames is part of the European Animation Selection
at the Amiens International Filmfestival, and will be showed there in full high defenition beauty!

Baskerville Musicvideo Online

Finally here it is! Our animated musicvideo for dutch electronic music duo
Baskerville. More information click here + or read the article at Bek.no
You can also watch the video on youtube

Exhibition Filmsets Dutch Design Week

During the premiere weekend of the videoclip we will exhibit the filmsets we made for the Baskerville videoclip as part of the Dutch Design Week
De Fabriek
Baarsstraat 38
5661 RG Eindhoven

Film Food Party@De Fabriek

22:00 Premiere Baskerville Videoclip
Eindelijk is het zover!
 De premiere van de videoclip waar de afgelopen maanden in de kelder van de Fabriek hard aan is gewerkt. Monsters, explosies en rauwe muziek, komt dat zien!
23:00 PARTY!
Live: Stu Atari, Baskervile
DJs: Indecs , The Longmen
Food: Fort Knox Pietzas

Musicvideo Update II

We are now in the process of recording the Baskerville musicvideo, some pictures from our sets and work in progress here

Moviestar @ Stedelijk Museum s-Hertogenbosch

We wil show our interactive installation Moviestar at het Stedelijk Museum s-Hertogenbosch from 22 september – 31 october.
Opening 22 september v/a 19:00 + party

Moviestar is an interactive installation that moulds old and new media together in a reallife moving filmset. Visitors control the filmsets animations, robots and sound with their movements in front of a greenscreenstudio in the space, where motiontracking is used to detect their movements. Projected into a world that consists of monsters, UFO-s and other slightly surreal events, visitors play the mainrole in this movie where they control what happens by moving in front of the camera.
*Article in Dutch Cult Magazine Schokkend Nieuws


Musicvideo Update

After many weeks filled with long days, hard work and little sleep we finished most of the setbuilding for the Baskerville Musicvideo and we are in the process of recording.
Premiere is sceduled on the 30th of October during the Dutch Design Week.
During this week we will also display the animationsets so visitors can have a look “behind the scenes” and see how we made everything.
Follow us on Flickr.

Right now

Working a monsterous Bad-Ass Animated Videoclip for a dutch duo that combines chromakeying, stopmotion, animatronics and liveaction.

More info here soon!


Micromusic@Landmark Video

Edited a short compilation of our Micromusic event at Landmark

8 Bit the Movie – Justin Strawhand & Marcin Rockemari
Game Installation:
Tombraider 0.1 & Megaslacker Beta -by Marieke

Bubblyfish (USA) Gameboymusicset
Glomag (USA) Gameboymusicset
Gw3m (UK) Atari-DJ & MC
VJ Hagenisse (NO)

Thanks again for a great night everyone!

Computermusic4kids: Atari

Computermusic4kids : Atari from marieke v on Vimeo.

Example Screenrecording of my interactive music installation Computermusic4kids, with one of the chosen consoles from the timeline that loads soundsamples from the original gameconsole.
Other Consoles in the machine: Odessy, C64, Arcade, Vectrex, Msx, ZX spectrum, Gameboy, Sega & NES.

ComputerMusic4Kids is an interactive electronic music installation for kids, inviting them to explore the history and sound of classic gaming consoles.The installation mainly focusses on the sounds that can be produced with classic gameconsoles and enables children to create music using classic gameconsole soundsamples. By using an intuitive interface children can navigate through a visual library, that contains a selection of gameconsoles produced between 1972 and 1990. By selecting a gameconsole they can produce music with samples that originate from the chosen gameconsole.


Right Now

Working at BEKs refurbished soundstudio with the Fireface800 and Dynaudio Acoustics Air Monitors, Sweet!


Here is a short video of our interactive installation “Moviestar” at De Melkweg Mediaroom Amsterdam

Computermusic4kids at Bajazz

Computermusic4kids blir vist på Bajazz
Lørdag 17 & Søndag 18 April kl. 11:00 – 17:00
Gratis tilgang
USF Verfet Bajazz Festival
Georgernes Verft 12, Bergen

Computermusic4Kids er en interaktiv elektronisk musikkinstallasjon for barn og unge mellom 5 og 12 år, som inviterer til å utforske historien og lydene til klassiske spillmaskiner. Installasjonens hovedfokus er lyden som kan produseres med spillmaskiner, og å gi unge muligheten til å lage musikk med den.


Moviestar in De Melkweg Mediaroom

Moviestar door Marieke Verbiesen en Neeltje Sprengers
4 apr t/m 18 april
Melkweg Mediaroom
Lijnbaansgracht 234a

1017 PH Amsterdam

Opening: zo 4 apr 17.00 uur.
Open: do t/m zo, 14.00 tot 18.00 uur en ‘s avonds tijdens voorstellingen in Cinema en Theater, gratis toegang.


Moviestar van Marieke Verbiesen en Neeltje Sprengers is een interactieve installatie waarin de bezoeker, letterlijk, de hoofdrol speelt. De installatie bestaat uit de verbeelding van een fictieve wereld; een miniatuur filmset met bewegende elementen en live opnames van de bezoekers. De bezoekers sturen door hun beweging de objecten en het geluid aan en kunnen zo de gebeurtenissen zelf beïnvloeden. Door het gebruik van meerdere camera´s en digitaal gegenereerde animaties worden de live opnames van de bezoeker samengevoegd met de miniatuur filmset, waardoor de bezoeker zichzelf in deze wereld geprojecteerd ziet. Uitgangspunt voor de installatie is de evolutie van special effects, en de rol die deze spelen binnen de cinematografie en de beeldende kunst.

Workshops, Concerts, Installation & Screening

Lørdag 20. Mars
kl. 20:00 Screening Documentairy 8 Bit the Movie
kl. 22:00 Konserter:
Gameboymusikk fra Glomag(USA) & Bubblyfish(USA)
Dj: Gwem(UK) Vj: Hagenisse
Installation: Tombraider 0.1
Venue: Landmark, Rasmus Meyers Alle 5, Bergen
Website: http://micro.bek.no


Gameboy Musicworkshops at BEK
Torsdag 18. Mars, kl 18-22: Nanoloop Workshop by Haeyoung Kim
Fredag 19. Mars, kl 18-22: LSDJ Workshop by Chris Burke
Free to attend
BEK, C. Sundgt. 55, Bergen Norge

Microweekend coming up!

Busy organising a Micromusic Gameboymusic workshop here at BEK on 18 & 19 march + 8Bit concert Evening at Landmark on 20th of March, also screening 8 Bit The Movie.
Glomag, Bubblyfish & Gwem will come, more info posted here soon!

Pole Position Pix

Pictures of my game installation Pole Position at De Fabriek, Eindhoven. More here


Pole Position

As part of the Artwars project during my stay at De Fabriek i have been working on the installation “Pole Position”. A game installation that uses a reallife motorized maquette as its environment. The installation is based on the Atari game “Pole Position”, see an original screenrecording here.

pole position atari

Pole Position is a racing video game released for the Atari in 1982. In this game, the player controls a Formula One race car.
Pole Position was the leading game in arcades worldwide due to its relatively realistic graphics for the time. The game popularized the use of sprite-based, pseudo-3D graphics with its “rear-view racer format”—where the player’s view is behind and above the vehicle, looking forward along the road with the horizon in sight—which would remain in use even after true 3D computer graphics became standard for racing games.

In this installation, users control the game from within a small space: They race against the clock and try to avoid bombs that are thrown at them.
The background is a realtime recording of the installation on the other side of the small space, where other visitors can be seen and they can influence the game.

Here is the setup file of the installation (click to enlarge):
I will be using Flash, XML, MaxMsp/Jitter, Electronics, Paper, Glue & Paint ^_^

Marieke Verbiesen is voor de periode december/januari uitgenodigd voor een solo expositie in De Fabriek. Zij is in 2001 afgestudeerd aan de kunstacademie in Den Bosch met als richting ruimtelijk en andere media. Maar gaande weg haar loopbaan werd haar werk steeds meer digitaal ze maakte animaties en ontwierp computerspellen. Met “PolePostion” vervult Marieke de behoefte om haar werk uit de virtuele computer wereld te halen en weer terug naar het drie-dimensionale wereld te brengen.


Een Multi Mediaaal Ultrasoon Turboproject door Marieke Verbiesen in De Fabriek Eindhoven.


20:30 – 22:00 Artwars Animatie Filmavond
22:00 – 01:00 Open Bar + DJ Absynth
zie programma op http://artwars.defabriekeindhoven.nl

Een avond met korte films, videoclips en animaties van door henzelf geproduceerde onafhankelijke makers, met daarna dansbare elektronische beats van dj Kris aka Absynth

12:00 – 17:00 Artwars Animatie Workshop
met Jan Pieter van Laar

Animatie Workshop met JanPieter van Laar waarin we stopmotion gaan animeren. Tevens zal JanPieter laten zien hoe zijn animaties tot stand komen.
Deelname voor deze workshop is gratis maar beperkt, stuur een mail of bel met de Fabriek 040-2551530

19:00 Opening Solo Marieke Verbiesen
Open 23&24 januari 14:00 – 17:00

Marieke Verbiesen is uitgenodigd om een soloproject te doen in De Fabriek. Voor deze tentoonstelling zal zij nieuw werk produceren in De Fabriek, en tevens organiseert zij het project Artwars.



*click to enlarge

Newyear Celebrations

A happy newyear everyone! Tonight we will celebrate the passing of 09 to10 at de Fabriek with a fireworkscanon & end-of-xmas tree airguntarget by de snode jongens.
Also we will simultaniously kick off the project Artwars (more info here soon)
See you in 2010!


Braingames Screening

During “Animation Exposed” at the Noordbrabants Museum.
Screening: Saturday 23 January 18:30.
From the 23rd of January until the 25th of April, the Noordbrabants Museum will host De Fantasie Fabriek, a special expo about Dutch animation, in cooperation with the NiAF (Dutch Institute for Animation).
The exhibition ‘De Fantasiefabriek – Animatie in Nederland’ is dedicated to the art of animation in the Netherlands. Over 50 films, unique artwork and ‘making ofs’ reveal the quality of Dutch animation, both today and in the past.

Computermusic4kids at AVgarde

Computermusic4kids blir vist på AVgarde
Lørdag 5. Desember kl. 16:00 – 19:00
Gratis tilgang
USF Verfet Cinemateket
Georgernes Verft 12, Bergen

AVGARDE er et åpent samarbeid mellom komponister, utøvere, Ny Musikk, USF og BEK som knytter sammen alle de ulike miljøene rundt ny musikk
Last ned høstprogrammet fra AVgarde som pdf


Computermusic4kids @ Spilldag 2009

Computermusic4kidsSpilldag Norge.
Computermusic4kids er en interaktiv elektronisk musikkinstallasjon for barn og unge mellom 5 og 12 år, som inviterer til å utforske historien og lydene til klassiske spillmaskiner.
Lørdag 14 November kl. 10 – 16 Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

Moviestar Pix

Thank you all for coming to see Moviestar at Zaal5 Filmhuis Den Haag,
and a big thank you to everyone who helped out to make it happen.
Here are the pictures from the installation and the opening, video coming soon!


Opening Moviestar

Moviestar Exhibition Opening: Thursday 24th september 20:00
Zaal 5 Filmhuis Den Haag
Spui 191 Den Haag *Map

Moviestar in Zaal 5 is open during the Todays Art Festival on 25 & 26th of september from 12:00 til 24:00.
Opened daily from 27th of September – 22nd of October from 18:00 – 22:00
In the weekends from 14:00 to 22:00

During the one month exhibition we invited guests to come and present their work at het Filmhuis.

Thursday 8 October – 8.00 p.m.: Hotel Modern
Pauline Kalker of the innovative animation theatre group Hotel Modern will speak about low tech and high tech and the philosophy of Hotel Modern, and will show how maximum effects can be achieved using minimal means.
Thursday 22 October – 8.00 p.m.: FUR Art Entertainment Industries
Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff of the German FUR Art Entertainment Interfaces will discuss their humoristic installations that revolve around the user and his use of machines. 

Moviestar Work in Progress

For the past few weeks, me and Neeltje have been working on our installation “Moviestar” using super8 film, computers, silicone, metal, plastic, clay, wood and paint. The blog is now updated with some fresh “work-in-progress” pictures, have look here.
Moviestar will open on the 24th of September at Zaal 5, Filmhuis Den Haag.

Moviestar is an interactive installation that moulds old and new media together in order to create a reallife moving filmset. Classic film, animation, robotics, sound and motiontracking are utilised to simulate a moviescene where visitors play the mainrole. They will find themselves on a filmset surrounded by cameras, lights and a greenscreen studio, projected into a world that consists of monsters, UFO´s and other slightly surreal events. The installation forms a tribute to the young history of Special Effects, that since the existince of film has experienced a fastmoving evolution



At het Nerdlab in Den Bosch, trying Maxuino, a maxpatch that can connect Arduino & MaxMsp

…need some more of this:
caffeine molecule

Residency DCR

The next two months ill be staying at De DCR in Den Haag. In these months i will be working on the installation “Moviestar” that will open end of september in Zaal5 Filmhuis Den Haag.

Me and my co-resident Petrina Hicks will give a combined Presentation & Australian BBQ at De DCR on the 27th of august, 19:00.
Everybody Welcome! Have a look at the flyer.

Stenciled Flipbooks @ Extrapool

During my 3 week stay at Extrapool i have stenciled filpbooks from an animation at their
printworkshop Knust, where stencilingmachines are used to press books.

The flipbooks can be flipped from 2 sides, and both forwards and backwards.
Some work in progress pictures + the result, thanks to Joyce & DirkJan for all their hard work! The flipbooks will be available at Extrapools store Halfwithal, and online in the future as well. Keep an eye out on this site.

Expo Twisted Pixels

On the 27th ofjune i will show my installation Tombraider 0.1, animation Braingames and other works at the Expo Twisted Pixels. This will take place in the evening at het Nerdlab during de Kunstnacht in Den Bosch. Furthermore i will make a nice and tasty suprise, and DJ Kris aka “–/~~” will play some nice and danceble electro tunes. So drop by if you can ^_^


Adres Nerdlab / Programmaboekje Kunstnacht / Start 21:00

Signatur Project

Ive designed and developed a website Electric Charge for Signatur. For this theme ive been experimenting with the use of imagereplacement for text styled with a custom font. (The font-image replacement currently works on macs only, pcs will show unstyled text)
Electric Charge is a project under Signatur, a collaborative project by BEK & Bergen Kommunne involving youth in digital art projects.

Presentation at HKS

On the 5th of may i will give an artisttalk at HKS where i will show some of my previous and current work. It starts at 19:00 and ofcourse its free 🙂

Pictopia @ Pictoplasma

Next weekend i will present CM4K at Pictoplasma in Berlin, taking place at the Haus der Kulturel Welt. Drop me a mail if yr gonna be there 🙂

Computermusic4kids Installation

After some long days of getting everything finished, computermusic4kids is now fully working ^_^ Pics & info about the project can be found here> http://computermusic4kids.marieke.nu

Computermusic4kids Work in Progress

Currently i am working on an interactive music installation for children called “Computermusic4Kids”, based on a pilotproject i did at the novembermusic festival in s-Hertogenbosch. Computermusic4kids is a sequencer that loads sounds from classic computerconsoles trough a visual interface containing a timeline with vintage gameconsoles.  The installation gives kids an insight in the relatively young history of gameconsoles, by functioning as an audiovisual library as well as a musicmachine. A work in progress page is up here.


On the 29th of january, Roos is organising the MachinimaBits Evening.
Braingames will be screened as well as lots of other short animations.
Filmtheater de Uitkijk, Prinsengracht 254, Amsterdam

Merry xmas

and a happy newyear everyone!

Presents on this years wishlist include a toolbox, a timemachine and a mutant werewolf fetus, thanks santa!

Piksel 08 Festival

Ive made the visual ID again for the yearly Piksel Festival in Bergen, showing Free & Open Source Audiovisual Software, Hardware & Art. This year entering version 8: Code Dreams. The festival will take place from 4 to 7th of December and will include an exhibition, presentations, liveshows, workshops and subsections.

No Laptop Liveset

“No Laptop Liveset” by Marieke & Fokuda. Download as zipped mp3 here
Liverecording at BIT Teatergarasjen using the Gameboy Classic with littlesoundsdj & analog equipment via midi.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Pic from setup:

Onedotzero Citystates @ BFI Southbank

This weekend i will be in Londen at the BFI Southbank where Braingames will be screened during Onedotzero´s Citystates Programme at Saturday the 15th at 20:15 & Sunday the 16th at 18:15 NFT3. More info about the screenings here
Drop by if you are in Londen!

Tombraider 0.1 & Braingames @ Playgrounds Festival Tilburg

On 30 & 31st of October the Playgrounds Festival will take place in Tilburg. Playgrounds is an international festival for audiovisual art, and will show animations & shortfilms by submarine, tokyo plastic, onedotzero, pictoplasma and liveperformaces by pivot & huaratron.

I will show my game installation Tombraider 0.1, and Braingames will be screened too. Check the programme.

In memoriam Mark Hoekstra

On the 20th of september, Mark Hoekstra passed away. We will allways remember you Mark, hope your DIY projects will continue to inspire people.

Mega Slacker Beta

You can see and play my game installation “Mega Slacker Beta” + screening of “Braingames” at the Square Eyes Festival, in Arnhem, on 3,4 & 5 October
Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Kortestraat 27, Arnhem

*click to enlarge

Braingames Screeningdates:

Below are the screeningdates for “Braingames”, catch it on the big screen while you can ^_^

26 – 28 september : Onedotzero adventures in motion, Buenos Aires, AR
02 – 03 october : Onedotzero adventures in motion , Zurich, CH
5th october: Square Eyes Festival, Arnhem, NL
19th october: The Freakishly Short Animated Film Festival, Akron, USA
29 – 31 october: Playgrounds Festival, Tilburg, NL
01 – 12 november : Onedotzero adventures in motion, London, UK
14 -16 november : Onedotzero adventures in motion – London, UK


Working on V2 of Megaslacker. “Megaslacker Beta” is a mazagame where the goal is to drink beer, consume junkfood and avoid your boss. The more and the faster you do so, the more points you will score until you ultimately become the biggest Megaslacker.
You can play “Megaslacker Beta” at the Square Eyes festival in Arnhem, this years theme is games and gameculture.

Tombraider 0.1

My game-installation Tombraider 0.1 will show at a few places this month;

“Tombraider 0.1” is a parody on the existing 3d game Tombraider, starring the female fightingmachine Lara Croft. In Tombraider 0.1 users play a primitive 2d version of this computergame, where everything is reduced to the simplicity of the very first computergames like the Commodore64, Atari and Amiga.

Tombraider 0.1 can be seen and played at:
Festival de Wereld van Witte de With Rotterdam 12-14 september
Gogbot New Media Art Festival Enschede, 18-21 september

Brain Games

I have been working on a new short animation called “Brain Games”
….An ordinairy day soon turns into mayhem when characters
get trapped in a game, and all hell breaks loose.

See it online here
Animation by me, Music by Covox

Braingames will go on a worldtour part of the Onedotzero programme
“Citystates: Adventures in Motion 2008-2009”
See the program here

DVD Publications

Nordic folk legends is featured in this months issue of Stash Magazine
& next months issue of Computer Arts Magazine


BEK who hosts my site is currently migrating their server, this means that my blog and links to work will be a bit unstable until the migration is finished, hopefully solved pretty soon ^_^

New Live Set

Tomorrow i will play a short set together with Fokuda at BIT-Teatergarasjen, celebrating the 10 year jubileum of Prøverommet. We will play live on gameboy & analog instruments plus ive made some animations for the set.
Bit Teatergarasjen, 28 april – kl. 21:00-03:00 – 30 Nok


Today is the launch of the MTV BLOOM project, for which i have produced a 60 second animated spot called “Nordic Folk Legends”, based on Thor & his magical hammer Mjollnir, batteling other characters hailing from Nordic Myths. This spot and others from the MTV Bloom project will be broadcasted on MTV from tomorrow so zap it on!
Click here to see the spot online.

Easy Ipod fix

A few days ago, my ipod suddenly stopped booting and wouldnt get recognised in any type of software what-so-ever, i got the unfortunate symbol pictured below, which on apple sites means “call helpsdesk and deliver for repair”. Since my ipod had gone out of warranty a long time ago, i figured i had nothing to loose by trying to see if i could replace the harddisk or something myself when i came across this page Turns out this easy fix works on 70% of all “broken” ipods, all you have to do is carefully open your ipod with a small screwdriver, put in some folded cardbox on the hardfoam, close it again and Voila! it works again ^_^

Electric Charge

BEK launched an interesting project revolving around open source software for youth, i designed a weblog for the project here

KHIB Printbook Course

I gave a Printbook course at Kunsthogskolen i Bergenlast week where we used both digital and analogue techniques to make a booklet. We made a small mini magazine with the students works download here: 150 dpi / PDF

Animation Madness

This week Mieke visited me and we made some animations using istopmotion and my macbooks built in isight. Great Fun! We tried out some drawing and using objects >> results: batman, hap & sketch.
Plus here are some pix from the mess we made in my livingroom ^_^

BugLabs Open Source Hardware

BUG is a collection of easy-to-use electronic modules that snap together to build any gadget you can imagine. Each BUGmodule represents a specific gadget function (ex: a camera, a keyboard, a video output, etc). You decide which functions to include and BUG lets you try out different combinations.

Micro.bek.no Make-Over

Made a complete css based web 2.0 make-over for micro.bek.no
There is now more overview in the events, an no more heavy loading flash – not all the links are up yet should be done sometime this week.


Top 100 macapplications, most of them free- or shareware

Piksel 07

Been busy making the visual ID again for the yearly Piksel event, festival for free, libre & open source audiovisual software, hardware & art.
This years theme is “Hello Hackability” and here is the website and poster-flyer-banners, the program for the liveacts, exhibition, workshops & presentations.
Phew! A full programme, but its promising a lot of fun and good works like allways 🙂


i made another 8bit song on my Gameboy Classic with the Lsdj tracker. Some more songs coming soon! Download here> eyeyeyuhhh!


Im on my way to sunny Fuerteventura this week to surf, and after today i will most likely be without internet so if im not answering emails you know why ^_^

Turn your ipod mini into a flash based ipod

After my ipod mini made an unfortunate drop, the internal harddrive was messed up like #$%&! Since putting in a new harddrive is kinda expensive i came across this page; apparently its possible to put a Compact Flash drive in the Ipod mini. Which also makes your ipod faster and well..flashbased so it wont get broken as fast as a harddrive.
So i bought a 4 GB CF card (from peak) me and my friend bart tried it out and it works like a charm! Yaay! (If you wanna try this, make sure the CF card is ATA compatible)

-click to enlarge-

Bride & Groom T-Shirts

I made these bride & groom shirts for friends of mine that got married


Two small movies of the robotic writing rabbit and typing rabbit by Stan at last weekends NBF expo called “De ElektroFuturistische Kikvorsdans”. One rabbit is writing code and the other is typing the code.

Viderecorder Gameboy Remix

A while ago Bertin asked me to join a remixproject of his album Joyeux,
so i decided to make a remix on the gameboy (using lsdj) from the song
“videorecorder” The original by bertin is here, my remix is here.

Class of Outcasts

After some additions & adjustments: Ajla´s site is now online: classofoutcasts.com
“…a series of simple devices and procedures that have been used in less sophisticated clinics for diagnostic and analytical purposes”

Pix from the expo

Thanks to everyone for coming! Hope you all enjoyed playing 🙂
Here are some pix from the opening at Blunk.
Im gonna tweak the games and adjust them so they can be
played online too ^_^

Expo at Blunk

Im showing my new work this weekend at Galleri Blunk, Trondheim
New Works by Marieke Verbiesen
“A series of gamepad controlled games, inspired by Commodore 64 & Japanse cartoons featuring junkfood, misfit asterioids and Elvis.”

Opening Fredag 30 mars kl 20-22 with Food & Drinks 🙂
Gallery open 31 mars & 1 april kl 12-16
Galleri Blunk Innherredsveien 2b, Trondheim

Foldable Cover

I made a Paper Foldable CD Cover for Fokuda´s upcoming demo. I wanted it to be easy and foldable from one piece, so i made a design that can be cut out from an A3 format.
Both the outside and inside are stenciled on 200 grams recycled paper.
Click here to see some pix.

MacOSX vs Gamepads

First of all: ive been neglecting this blog worse then any pet i ever
had. Sorry ive been ignoring all your “are you dead!?!” emails but
ive been busy filling my precious sparetime on important activities like
drinking bananasmoothies and watching AquaTeenHungerForce.

But seriously: since i am actionscripting games right now i figured it
was about time to get them to work with a gamepad on the mac.
As i recently found out, using gamepads in osx can be quite a hassle..
Since it seems there is no standard mac compatible gamepad, there
are solutions to make it work with an external application.
After some quick googlesearching i got to install Gamepad Companion,
an app that can be used to map game controllers. Some hinches though,
the Gravis Gamepad Pro simply wouldn´t work, a little more succes with the
Trust Dual Stick Gamepad but then i could only map either an x or an y
controller, not both. In other words, i could only go up or down OR left or right.
Obviously i need a controller that can go in all directions.
Who here on the interweb has experience with using gamepads on osx
and which gamepad do you use?

+ Some fun links: turn your NES controller into a USB Joystick, Remote Control,
Optical Mouse, Mp3 Player or Alarmclock,
… im still waiting for a NES Timemachine controller ^_^

Seasons greetings!

Yes its that time of the year again! to celebrate i made this little x-mas edition
oldskool dance game, go try it!

Webkitch v. 0.1

I put up a glitter & glam page with the results of last weeks webcourse at khib
Everybody worked really hard and got to finish a page ^_^ Good work guys!

Whiteboard Animation

Nice stopmotion animation by Kristoffer Strøm (Ljubilden) entirely made with a marker & whiteboard! Amazing… you can just take a photo for each modification,
so there’s no need to redraw each frame.


I made a webpage with flashmovie for last weeks flashcourse at KHIB with a very “norwegian” theme ^_^ The pages link to pages from the flashcourse participants, everybody did a very good job!


Fun Gadgets

With pretty cool retro Famicom NES Alarm Clock over at Think Geek you can unlock another alarm sound by scoring high enough in the mini game inside ^_^


Other fun stuff at thinkgeek: The zombie survival guide: Complete protection from the living dead and the Batman Handbook:
This is the ultimate real-world training manual for any aspiring caped crusader.
You’ll discover how to:

* Train a Sidekick
* Execute a Backflip
* Survive a Poison Gas Attack
* Throw a Grappling Hook
* Plus dozens of other crucial skills

KIT update

The results rom the webworkshop at KIT. I also updated the kitblog with a few new tutorials; Intro to html and html tables, websafe colors & extra image features in dreamweaver.


Weekend Weird Movie

I married a monster from Outerspace, See the Trailer.
“Was it true? could monsters mate with earthwomen? See the starling answer and the shocker of them all. No woman is safe from these invaders who steal the body of men.”

monster from outerspace

Animationsite online

Last weeks animationcourse webpage with links to tutorials. Up late due to my ibook having a total collapse and giving in to the dark force Got fixed after updating though.



Ive been playing with this great little 8 bit TB303/TR909 clone sequencer for the NES. Since i dont have a real NES (ooohh!) i´ve been running it in the nestopia emulator If you wanna give it a try ill save you the horror of browsing through a bunch of japanese sites, so you can just download the app and open it in the nestopia emulator. Use your direction keys to set and change notes.

Stopmotion vidz

Time to post some nice stopmotion videos, like this one by peruvian Jossie Malis showing some creative
cooking with hardware and junk ^_^ nice!
I also like this vegetable animation by pez and this stopmotion commercial for a paper, especially the part where a piece of pizza comes rolling out of an inkjetprinter.. in the future our dreams will come true!

Something Fun

Aaah, not so many posts here this month…busy times ^_^
And since its almost Halloween lets get in the mood with some horrorpulp like this bollywood flick . Why choose between making a horrormovie, videoclip, romantic comedy or musical if you can throw it all in one? …exactly!

Piksel 06 Coming Up

Busy times! Starting next week, is the 6th edition of Piksel Festival for Open Source Audiovisual Software, Hardware & Art. This years theme is “Hardware Politics”.

The development, and therefore use, of digital technology today is mainly controlled by multinational corporations. Despite the prospects of technology expanding the means of artistic expression, the commercial demands of the software industries severely limit them instead. Piksel is focusing on the open source movement as a strategy for regaining artistic control of the technology, but also a means to bring attention to the close connections between art, politics, technology and economy.

Im currently working on the website, posters & catalogue. This years piksel will have talks, workshops, a seminar, an exhibition, live-events & video/audio streams. Phew!

Wake-Me-Up-At Stickers

“Whether it´s a heavy night out or just a long day at the office, these stickers will help you get home safe and sound”
wake-me-up-at stickers

Corparate Disasters Image Challenge

This weeks we made a new image challenge at B3TA= Corporate Disasters:
“Imagine the scene: Your favourite company gets swallowed in the most inappropriate corporate takeover ever. How are the products affected? Show us what hits the shelves…”
Here´s my own contribution ^_^, see the image challenge overview

A sketch for $1

i came across this site where a collective of draw- and sketchfanatics offer to draw your photograph for only one buck!
how does it work?
-transfer a dollar to them via paypal
-send a link to the url of you photo
-get back a sketch from your photo by one the artists
i decided to send them my icon since its allready a digital pixelimage, to see it in drawingform seemed cool to me since i usually work the other way around: making a pixelimage from a drawing. Here is you see the original + the result

link to the original post at sketchit
Thanks shane, that was a buck well spent 🙂


On Kara and Amirs new site photojojo you can find a nice tutorial for making stopmotion video´s using a digital photocamera. Its nice to make some easy animations on the spot, wherever you are, without a laptop or heavy videocam, just using your photocamera or even your phonecamera. You can edit and edit your photos to an animation using imovie, after fx, premiere, finalcutpro or this really nice video-editing software zs4 , which is 100% free.
Now lets watch some nics stop-motion vidz; you can find all robot chicken episodes here


A true starwars hologram inspired technology called heliodisplay is being develloped by i02technology, watch the video. Heliodisplay can project digital images,displays and video on compressed air, and allows a finger placed on the floating image to act as a computer pointing device. The user can interact with floating images or video, and manipulate them as you could with a mouse, including clicking and dragging.

Animated Blog

In these funny animations you can see and hear jerry talk about his daily life: killing moths, going to jail, outbursts of his kranky landlord, and his karate date

Human Space Invaders

Just in case you havent seen it yet : human space invaders
now i´d like to see a battlezone, killerbees or Ms. PacMan version humanated.

Weekend Weird Series Report : Nostalgia

Finally found some digitilised episodes of Turbo Teen Does anyone remember?? Here is the trailer. Turbo teen was another eightees-toy-promotion-cartoon about an ordinary teenager that werewolves into a corvette kind of a car. Whut? Thats right…he turns into a CAR ! after crashing into secret government laboratory, he and his red sports car are accidentally exposed to a molecular beam and the two become fused together. As a result, Bret aka Turbo Teen has the ability to shapeshift into the car and uses his powers to fight crime, keep other kids off drugs, and eliminate all evil.
Turbo teen aired very shortly in the mid-eightees and is often known as the worst cartoon ever made; i guess TurboTeen was kind of an identy-crisiscartoon between Transformers and Knightrider but with worse music, vaguer plotlines and too much moral for a cartoon about a kid that turns into a sportscar.. i guess it all would have made more sense if he turned into a smart. I also remember as kids we called it “Turbo Tween” which i now think would have been a much more suitable name ^_^

Free goodies

i made a cd cover (pdf) for fokuda´s new mp3 album: free for download here + extra poster yaay!

Dear blessed one

Having some fun with spam

Bhayaanak Mahal

..and other posters of freaky lookin´Bollywoodmovies

Back to the Future

Good news Everyone: At least another 13 new futurama episodes will be made. Unfortunately Fox pulled the plug on the show after only seven cycles, but now Comedy Central will take over. Read the article

Captain Zapp Brannigan: “Hell of a thing sending another universe to certain doom. Lots of fun, though. Makes a man feel big. “

Ready for the systemcontrolled highways of the future

Transportation Futuristics: from helicopter to monorail, from wicked sketches and illustrations to real manufactured prototypes, this galley shows a nice collection of futurist transportation designs like the flying saucer bus to slightly more realistic didnt-i-see-this-in-a-james-bond-movie objects.
..more futuristic transport and living here

GBA to Midi Sync works like a charm

A short while ago, i ordered Firestarters Gameboy to Midi Interface, so you can sync your GBA with Nanoloop/LSDJ to other music gear using MIDI. I got mine today and it works like a charm! Check this lsdj-midi synch demo here



Animator vs Animation is a funny flash movie where war and chaos breaks out between an animated character and its animationprogram: flash, i especially like the end where the “duplicate library object” is used as a weapon ^_^


And my mom said i would never get anywhere playing these games..

Raske Ritmer

Tomorrow, saturday it is time for another Raske Ritmer evening at Baran, i will be playing a mix of breakcore, electro & chiptune, with afterwards DJ Woo & Kjempetjukk DJ.
Start ca. kl. 22:00. Baran, Siggurdsgt 2, Bergen.
Its gonna be a fun night!
Gratis entre! + see the handmade embroidery flyer by Inga

Golden Age

Golden Age is an animated comedy series revealing the shocking true stories of neglected cartoon characters and retired mascots, who spend their days at the Sketch Towers Mental Facility. Each episode uses a whirlwind blend of mixed media to satirize classic cartoons from the past. Latest episode Lancaster Loon tells the story of a cereal mascot whose wild love for his favorite breakfast treat turns into a genuine psychosis.
“These days Lancaster spends his days attending support group meetings for obessive cereal mascots,he is in the thoughts and prayers of cereal enthousiast everywhere”

Other episodes are Marching Gumdrop, The Dreddfuls and Kongobot, a japanese robotmonkey who´s career went down the drain after trying to make it big in Hollywood.

Soulseek on the mac

If you want to install soulseek on osx -if you have been weeding through google to find a working client- install chris schleifers version: SSX
This one works for panter and tiger, i tried nicotine first, after installing X11 & Fink, but it kept crashing, even when trying version 2 & 3. Somehow its hard to let google get you to the right link if you try to find it. Im happy i works now though 🙂


Seen on the way to BEK today, works by dolk, more here

KHIB Course

The results of last weeks webdesign course at KHIB Everyone had just 4 days to make a website but they all did a great job!

Average Homeboy

Check out this videoclip from the eightees by middeclass rapper Average Homeboy using hip neon graphics made on the commodore amiga and a -pretty regognisable- casio drumloop.

I especially like the intro for the videoclip by A.H. where he explains how he “knows how to mark it” and he´s sure once you hear it you´ll be “blazed”. All videoclips should have an intro like this!

Nerdy Jewlery

SIDCHIPS are a girls best friend!..and so are diodes, transistors and microprocessors.. Have a look at this supercool jewlery recycled from computer parts


Weirdest USB gadgets

Have a look at wireds selection of weirdest usb gadgets. Like this device which changes in size depending on the amount of data it holds by a micropump that pumps air into it

I am currently reading

“Like a literary chainsaw to the legs of the proverbial career ladder, “The Art of Demotivation” is guaranteed to equip you with the power to deflate egos and create a genuinely amusing divide between worker and boss. For example, on the subject of indifference, Dr Kersten recommends that you ignore employees in passing, get their names wrong, take credit for their ideas, talk over them, disregard their contributions and even cleanse your hands after greeting them! Yes it’s harsh, but successful executives sometimes have to be cruel to be kind.

The Art of Demotivation is an ideal gift for anyone who has to deal with strutting egocentrics on a daily basis and it’s guaranteed to de-humanize the workplace in no time. Because remember, the secret to successful teamwork is when everyone does what you say.”

order here

55dsl animation

I made a short animation for 55dsl, which has this years campaignslogan “live at least 55 seconds a day” ..not that you dont breate those other 23:59:05 hours & minutes (but hey: i didnt think of the slogan) The animation is 55 seconds, the time of an average lasting daydream. Online here (swf)

Support Micromusic

Micromusic is moving to a new server and needs your support – $$$ – you can also just buy a tshirt or microbuilder community construction kit.

Muziekmaker refreshed

Last fall i did a project together with julian for the novembermusic festival, , called computermusic 4 kids, for this project the focus was to teach kids about the history of the sounds of computergames. Julian selected a few consoles from his huge collection to show, use & be abused by the kids, and i made a muziekmaker, where kids can browse through the consoles and make music with sounds using a simple sequencer. I made a new interface for the muziekmaker which makes it a bit easier to navigate. (click “start de muziekmaker”)

…and yes adults are allowed to play with it too 😉

VHT Shows in Oslo

We have some more VHT shows coming up in Oslo at Sikamicanico & Blå next month. Times & exact dates TBA.

Animation @ KHIB

Last week i gave an animationcourse at the Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen Everyone worked very hard *Wooo!* and here are the results

Stopmotion Posting Time

Ward 13: a clayanimated horrormovie
“After a car accident, Ben wakes up in a hospital. Not knowing where he is or what is going on, he starts exploring the corridors…only to find that the staff don’t have his health in mind!”

watch the trailer

Sexy Holiday

Just came across Patric Catani aka Candie Hank´s site -oooh i never stopped being a DHR fan- and found this funny video : Sexy Holiday -zip- more mp3s & liverecordings for download at his website

Unusual Cards

If they ever find these cards in the year 3000, history will be rewritten

Documentairy Time

A few must see movies: a documentairy on Klaus Nomi + a movie on Daniel Johnston with lovely and wicked animations by Martha Colburn. I bought a tape from Daniel once called “hi, how are you”, yes a LONG time ago. Some folks put up a website for him with his complete discography and his fantastic drawings: hihowareyou.com

Fun with Bollywood

Bombay TV lets you create your own subtitled bollywood minimovies by choosing a sample and make up subtitles, i made this example

The Sound of VHT does Belgium

This wednesday the 15th of february we will travel to Belgium to play at a micromusic evening at De Beurs in Brussel. We will be playing The Sound of Videohometraining
with afterwords Djs Lektrogirl(UK) & Paul B. Davis(USA).
Funfunfun! Drop by if you can!


Pretty funny crossmix between a video and a game by rektor, inspired by C64 and other retro games:
Beat up the Beatles, steal Elvis’ moon burgers and try out your dance abilities in the shiny yellow hero suit. All this and more to save the princess from a quite smelly and dreadful monster.

Allthough it totally crashes in every browser ive used until now its a cool concept

Micromusic NL HQ

VHT made a website for the Dutch Micromusic HQ, where you can find announced playdates + archive of micro-acts, go check it out: http://nl_hq.micromusic.net

Sampling Talking Dolls

For our new liveshow, we started to make hardware sequencers that controll vintage talking dolls. As we found out, each company made their own soundchips for the voices. Some work in progress samples can be found on The Sound of Videohometraining page.
For the show we have been searching through the history of voice sampling dolls, one of the most popular ones was Little Miss Echo from the fiftees, after seeing this commercial im starting to get an idea of what inspired the makers of Bride of Chucky.
Yet it did reminded me of Raymonds Scotts Little Miss Echo soundpiece from 1963 where Scott used one of his early programmable polyphonic sequencers. Absolutly facinating to listen to.

New VHT design

The new Videohometraining website is up! go check it It was about time for a new fresh & shiny webjacket. For the hardcore fans that still wanna play space kebab or shoot tits click here for the old site

The jesunator is back

After a long journey in space, jesus has once again returned to earth to save humanity and spead his message of love and peace. Better plug in your bible and pray to be saved!


Weekend Pulp Film Report

Weekend Weird Movie report for CutUp Magazine

Made in 1966, the story of Queen of Blood takes place in 1990, a time when space has been conquered, quilted clothing is at the cutting edge of fashion, and macho astronauts call each other ‘baby’ …or at least, they do if they’re played by Dennis Hopper.
The story in short: Scientists receive a distress call from an alien craft which has crash landed on Mars. Rescuing a female humanoid, the crew head back to Earth, only to discover that their passenger is a bloodsucker…
Throughout the film “Corman Cut-Ups” are used, pirated special effects bits from unseen russian movies and incorporated bits of more spicy footage from the producers themselves..
All i can say is i can highly recommend “Queen of Blood”, if in doubt watch trailer

VHT vs Teletext

Currently participating in Lektrolabs Microtel Project with VHT during the Rotterdam Filmfestival.
For this project we are creating & broadcasting teletext pages for the dutch national channel.
Our pages will be broadcasted today: saturday 28th of january. If you are in NL search for page 454, if you are NOT in nl you can see teletext pages online here and during the exhibition “Sattelite of Love” Galerie Witte De With Rotterdam


Dang i want a Mindstorm

Lego’s brand new Mindstorm robots, like the AlphaRex below here, are built with four sensors: ultrasonics that function as eyes, as well as those that react to light, sound or touch.

Mindstorms are Bluetooth-enabled, meaning they can be controlled by, and can control, any Bluetooth device. For example, with a Bluetooth phone, the movement of the robots can be directed, the robots can also programmed to send a signal to a phone directing it to snap a digital photograph when it moves and bumpes into something, or: for instance, call any of your friends.

The Mindstorms NXT are sold as a robot development kit. A programmable controller allows anyone who buys the $249 kit–expected to hit the market in August–to create any of an infinite number of possible robots.
+ a demo movie from botmag.com

Weekend Pulp Series Report

Weekend Weird Movie report for CutUp Magazine

Been watching “Supaidaman”, a vintage japanse version of superman with a twist; in “Supaidaman” spiderman is not only capable of using his elastic spider powers, but also owns a superhybrid car/airplane that turns into a fighter robot & gets help from a cowboy friend, thus incorporating Transformers, Batman AND Zorro!

Watch the  1978 supaidaman trailer .”Fansubbed” english episode of Supaidaman can be found  here

Photonic Textiles

For our next project we will be working with Photonic Textiles:

Phillips is currently develloping photonic textiles : fabrics that contain lighting systems and can therefore serve as displays. The textiles exist out of compact RGB LED packages. The fabric can receive and display graphic material & text: this way you can for instance have a digital message on the floormat when visitors enter your house ….or send an SMS to someone´s t-shirt.
Watch the MMS Stream (wmv)

Botanical Gameboy

Just mentioning this cool playshop project: botanical gameboy. The goal is to harness electricity from a network of lemon trees to power a gameboy, a custom game: Count Volta will be displayed on the 8-bit screen.
Too bad i couldnt find any info on the Count Volta game: Galvani vs Volta
Also see : the official lemon power site

360 degrees

This site has an incredible collection of quicktime VR´s online, including one which is shot from inside a bottle!

Last years best music vidz

Do-Copenhagen made a top 50 of downloadable musicvideos from 2005 – my personal favourite is the musicvideo of Jason Forrests War Photographer by cartoonist Joel Trussel

Update 6 online

Our sixth VHT update is online ..special x-mas edition where Dr. J. Loosman explains and warns us for the greatest danger that awaits us human beings …Merry Christmas!

Using harddisks a speakers

This is impressive. If ever there were a computer mod that could possibly win you the admiration of anyone who enters your home, this is the one
“…and this kind of fun isn’t just limited to harddisks… I also got low frequency sounds to come out of an electric motor, and even standard cooling fans will make some sound. Girls can try even making music come out of their vibr… *cough*… It’s like ghetto raid with groove ;)”

It happened to Alice

Back in the sixtees, Alcoholics Anonymous propaganda was made in the form of comic strips
“Alice goes out with old friends,…stays out later than she planned and gets drunk. When she returns, the baby sitter is furious..”
After all: going for a casual drink lead can lead to your house burning down. Some call that tragic, others call it a good friday night. But, as these strips learns us: Alcohol problems have happy endings and can be solved by getting babies or buying off your boss.

It all started in hell

Who ever knew that Matt Groening, the man behind the simpsons & futurama actually started out making ads for apple? I also found a site which host his first comic strip Life in Hell

“Yes, the Simpsons have come a long way since an old drunk made humans out of his rabbit characters to pay off his gambling debts.”
Troy Mc Lure, The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular


We will play next saturday evening at Pakt in Amsterdam, during the 8-bit GoGo Night, check the program 🙂

Weekend Weird Series Report

Weekend Weird Movie report for CutUp Magazine

This week i have been watching a couple of episodes of Dokura Chan: a manga inspired japanese series

A short plot outline: Dokuro Chan (club-to-death-angel) is an Angel sent from the future. Her job on earth is to kill Sakura, the schoolboy which she has to stop from becoming a pedophile in the future. A pedophile? Yes: apparently: in the future Sakura will invent a method for anti aging: causing females not to look older then 12 years old. Dokura Chan repeatedly and impulsively hits Sakura with a huge club causing extreme amount of bloodsplatter, yelling, singing, twisting of colors and general mass chaos.

All in All: i highly recommend watching Dokura Chan: it feels like the animators have created the entire series while being heavily sadated. Its a shame that no more then eight episodes were ever made..i hope there will come dokura-chan sequel containing even more hilarious and wacky anime.

more pix

Faster! Faster!

Speed up your firefox browser

El fatasios del Legos

“…as a professional lego designer i can build almost anything you can imagine! Be it a corparate logo, an elaborate mosaic, or a complex 3D sculpture, i have done it all, and look forward to new challenges”
Hmm,..perhaps i should suggest a legomosaic from my bedroom, or pizza chickenbroccoli from the local supermarket…
Some of bills creations are for sale on ebay

Kit Page Up

I made a page for last weeks html course at Kunstakademiet i Trondheim, online here


Kit blog

i also put up a blog for kit ntnu, connected to last weeks html workshop here

Stopmotion Power

As promised: now that im teaching animation i decided to start posting some nice stopmotion favorites here regularly; Like this videoclip for plan B, some other nice stopmotion movies, a few on 16mm film by Pez: roofsex, prankcal and commercials for diesel and coinstar.

From how the customer explained it

to what the customer really needed

Kit Course

Last week i have been teaching a flash workshop at KIT NTNU in Trondheim, i made a page with the results from the students here

Nice work boys & girls, keep it up!

Weekend Pulp Movie Report

Weekend Weird Movie report for CutUp Magazine

After having purched the DVD about a year ago i finally sat myself down and watched Attack of the 50ft woman For those who dont know this alltime classic here is the super campy trailer for one of the all-time great bad movies. The cinematography is fantastic and from all the 50-60-s era SF and Animated movies ive seen uptil now -and many more i still have to see – i can count this as one of my favourites, but then it simply has to be with movie that features a giant blonde in underwear ready to destroy the earth.

$100 Laptop

This bright green & yellow laptop with a seven inch screen and a crack-handle, is a prototype for the one laptop per child project MITs media laboratory aims to produce more then a 100 million of these by the end of next year, the laptops will be distributed to poor students in south america, south africa, thailand and other parts the develloping world. The small laptop is now designed to run Linux and can do most things ordinairy laptops can do except storing huege amounts of data. Each latop will be wifi equipped and designed to knit machines into a wireless “mesh” so they can share a netconnection, passing from one computer to the next. The powercord used to “wind up” the laptop can roughly provide ten minutes of power for each minute of turning.

Allthough it is offcourse questionable what people in the develloping world will do with computers & connectivity, meaning if the use of cheap computers will be high on the priority-list, this prototype looks promising.

Resort Off Report

We had some hectic days during our resort off tour last week: playing in rotterdam, nijmegen, den bosch & den haag. It was exiting to try out all the installations we built for in the show, and luckilly nobody got burned, wounded or electrocuted sofar. Keep an eye out for new shows, the next ones will be in Belgium. Also thanks to our co-players from Rotor and all the people that helped out, thank you!! We will put up pix & vids from the show soon.

Resort Off Livecinema

Next week Videohometraining will take part in Resort Off Livecinema for which we are now in the process of making a bleuscreen studio, a square planet, hovering UFO´s, gameboymusic and bad-ass Trance. We will play at several places in NL, check the program & work-in-progress site here


The dutch televisionprogram Moccah has made a special about us; videohometraining containing an interview with us where we show how we make our music, some clips from our liveshow and some previews and highlights of our new show “the sound of videohometraining”. It will be broadcasted on musicchannel The Box, today at 16:40 and tomorrow at 22:45, so watch it!

The program can also be seen online at MTV Networks

Vote for most confusing commercial

Over at BETA we launched a poll where you can vote for the most confusing japanese commercial.
My vote went out to this one; exactly what is this commercial trying to say? if you drink this you will find an asian equivallant of Rod Stewart on your doorstep with a bunch of white girls he just picked up in a disco,…or is it just her dad?

Play Pacman on the streets

The Nanyang technical university in Singapore has develloped a Virtual Reality version of Pac Man, which you can play with your buddies on the streets. The PC´s are being carried on the back and use GPS and bleutooth for mapping out the labyrinth. At the moment the game is for two players only: one is pacman, the other “ghost” The devellopers are also creating a pacman version for third generation mobile phones that are GPS and bleutooth powered, so people can go out on the streets to play pacman.

live pacman
article in dagbladet -norwegian-


Cory Arcangels Pizza Party is a free command line text based software package for ordering pizza, or for throwing pizza parties.

Pizza Party has many features to make ordering pizza easy:

* Can order pizza with only a few keystrokes.
* Can save pizza preferences.
* Can use batch files for ordering many pizzas.
* Has easy to use flags for ordering different toppings.
* Runs on most UNIX-like operating systems.
* Supports most currently popular topings like “mushrooms”, and “pepperoni”!
* Unattended / background operation.
* Pizza Party is distributed under the GNU General Public License

Boombox Synths

This boombox pictured below simply has to be the greatest one ever made! Not only is it a radio/tapedeck its also got a detachable synth with built in rhythem fx, chords and memory. This SharpRX990 is also pretty cool: The keyboard only has white natural keys with no black sharps, but it can still be played in real time. There is also a built in sequencer, and sequence data can be saved and loaded to cassette. Some of these boomboxes are up for sale here


VHT in Plays in Paris

Barely recovered from our last Micromusic tour, we will once again load our lada full of gear and head to Paris: to play a live gig at the Paris MicroHQ, Le Fantastique! see you there bitchez / chiennes

Leslie & the Lys

A couple of years i met Leslie Hall and she showed me her GEM sweater collection, apparantly she has over 1000 of them! Now she is planning to go on tour to promote a comeback of the GEM sweater with her band Leslie & the Lys. They made a fantastic videoclip: Beat Dazzler: Love it Leslie!


VHT on Tour

We are currently on a tour called the “we are not toys of musicbusiness tour” and playing gigs every evening this week, have a look at the playdates.
We *VHT* play a full program every evening together with or other 8-bit partners-in-crime: Covox(SE), Lobat(BE), Ben et Benne(FR) Computertruck & Johnny Banqueroute(FR) Lots of fun, come check it out!

were not toys

Octo vs Shark

In this movie you can watch an octopus attacking a shark, i know it sounds really dull but its not…i promise!


Handhelden has a great collection of handheld gameconsoles online, alltough im collecting some myself, i didnt even know there existed so many! Mini Organ is a site by Eric Schneider, it doesn´t have games, but a great collection of soundtoys from the 70´s + 80´s made by companies like Casio, Tomy, Bambino & Mattel, some of them with soundsamples included.


New Blog + Futuro´s rock

Hurray, a new blog! and this one supports RSS , one small step closer to a dynamic website 😉 Thank you Bart for hosting this on a php-enabled server, Finally!

Im currently in the south of Norway and today I found out that one of the famous and rare futuro-houses designed in 1968 by Matti Suuronen is located in Nevlunghavn, a small town outside of Larvik. We drove trough this town today and decided to go and take a look and seriously this is the best picture i could make, because it is totally hidden away between the bushes… located in the middle of dense built suburb, pretty weird.
The Futuro reminds me of the huge ufo-shaped Evoluon that was build in Eindhoven, NL around the same time:1966; it functioned as a scientific museum for the public and is now a conference-centre and its located in the middle of the city, i went there when i was a kid and have great memories of it.

A funny movie about the futuro here

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