Marieke Verbiesen graduated with an MFA in Interactive Media Arts.She has been working with interactive & filminstallations that have been showed at various exhibitions, festivals, artspaces, galleries & public spaces since 2003. Involving creative work with music, film and interactive installations based on B-Movies, Computergames and Science Fiction Fenonoma, Marieke blends the use of obsolete technology like old computerhardware and super8 film with new technologies such as interactive interfaces and motiontracking.She has been a performer in the audiovisual game-based collectives 8BitBox and Videohometraining, as well as organised Micro-Events that include workshops, screenings and concerts focussing on Art made with gameconsoles and obsolete technologies. She has been teaching animation & new media at the Alberta College for Art & Design, the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Lektrolab London, Harvestworks New York, the Bergen National Academy for Art & Design, Kit-NTNU in Trondheim, the Universtiy of Amsterdam and the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art.She made short animated musicvideos and movies for Onedotzero and Urban Screens; Art in Public Space. Her aniamtions are part of onedotzero´s adventures in Motion and travel the world to various screens and festivals. Her most recent animated musicvideo Reloaded was based on the Neo-Monster filmgenre from the early 1950´s and used characters designed on exinct animals from the Bergen Museum of Natural History. Reloaded won the prize for best animation at the Syndney Shortfilm Festival, CIFC in Chicago, the Norwegian Filmfestival and the Brooklyn Animation Festival.

Besides her work as an animator, Marieke creates interactive installationas that blend physical interfaces with digital sound and animations. These include the game-installations Tekscamcar and Poleposition that aim to show physical translation of digital spaces and fenonema.

The interactive installation Moviestar crosses the intersection of Cinema and Visual Art.Vistors of Moviestar are transformed into actors in a Special Effects Movie, battelling UFO-s, Aliens and Dinosaurs. Using both old techniques such as classic 16mm film & animatronics combined with new techniques such as human motiontracking. Moviestar won the BNG prize and has been showed at the Stedelijk Museum, Todays Art Festival for new Technology, Melkweg Mediaroom & the Museum for Moving Image in New York, USA.

Marieke´s work has been showed and screened at Onedotzero, DogA Olso, File-Festival, HAFF, Resfest, Playgroundsfestival, Festival d Amiens, Portland Animation Festival, Rotterdam Filmfestival, BIFF, Lovebytes, Grimstad Shortfilmfestival, Piksel Festival, Lowlands, Dumbo Arts New York, The Baltic Newcastle, Chicago Museum for Modern Art, Melbourne Filmfestival, Malmø Kunsthal, Brasil Filmfestival, Beursschouwburg Brussel, Bangkok New Media Art festival, Empac New York, Monument Museum of Digital Arts Beijng, Slamdance Festival, Westcoast Filmcentre, Portland Museum for Modern Art, Futuresonic, the Brittish Film Institute, Pictoplasma Berlin, Bergen Kunsthal, Haus der Kulturen Welt Berlin, Pulsewave NYC, ICA London, Click Festival, Dataspace, SXSW Festival, Pixelache, Transmediale, Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art, Witte de With Rotterdam, Oberhausen New Media Art Festival, Hong Kong Arts Foundation & Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen.