Flip! is a handmade flipbook that lets abstract forms and characters melt together on paper. The book got screenprinted in such a way that it can be seen flipping both forward and backward, as well as upside down - showing an animation that loops diffrent shapes and forms together. Flip got screenprinted with custommade colours on a mimeograph machine at Extrapool.

-Can be flipped from both sides
-Will make a nice mantelpiece to impress your friends and family
-Pressed on Recycled Paper
-Can be held upside down when flipping
-Secret built-in hypnotize function
-Many more features!

FLIP is for sale at:
Desert Island New Yok, USA
Floating World Portland, USA
Dog Eared Books, San Francisco, USA
Extrapool Nijmegen, NL
Worm Store, Rotterdam, NL
The Print Room, Den Haag, NL
Magma Books, London, UK
HKW Shop, Berlin, DE
Robot Store Bergen, NO
Drawn and Quarterly, Montreal, CAN