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Loud Matter Live Animation

Interactive live animation performance

  "Loud matter is a live performance featuring live made stop motion Animation, by artist & animator Marieke Verbiesen.
a Dutch artist who works with different projects in electronic arts.
Building up to a variety of eccentric animated loops, the animations form a playful, synchronised kinship with the music,
using animation as a live performative tool.
Abstract narratives are created with paper cutouts, day-glow erasers, candy-canes and other identified and unindentied objects.
The performance shows loops of the evolving animated composition, bolstered by idiosyncratic movements,
kaleidoscopic outbursts & detonated velocity."
  Previous performances in Europe * USA * Canada * Japan * Australia  

Pulsewave, The Tank, New York, USA * with Glomag, Minusbaby & Crashfaster (USA)
Rotterdam Electronic Musicfestival, Rotterdam, NL * with Legowelt (NL)
USF PIksel Festival, USF, Bergen, NO * with Mr Velcro Fastener (FIN)
Allotria Helsinki, FIN, with Aavikko (FIN)
Extrapool, Nijmegen, NL * with Lucky Dragons (USA)
Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, NO * with DAT Politics (FR)
Looplab, Antwerp, BE *with Tinez (BE)
Click Festival, Helsingør, DK * with Canblaster (FR)
LFA Festival, ICA London, UK * with C64 Messiah (USA)
Across The Borders Festival, Kunstencentrum Belgie, Hasselt, BE * with Laurie Anderson (USA)
Dataport, Backspace, Portland, USA * with Bitshifter(USA) Trash80(USA) & Ohndoh(USA)
Natlab, Eindhoven, NL * with Marc Nostromo (BE)
CNB Label Night, Pianos NYC, USA * with Facundo (USA) Knife City (USA) & Cream in all Moustache (FR)
Dublin Electronic Music Festival, Dublin, IR * with Fuck Buttons (UK)
Villette Sonique, Paris, FR * with Dan Deacon (USA)
Worldtronics, Haus der Kulturen Welt, Berlin DE* with Bubblyfish (USA) Raquel Meyers (ES) & Patrick Catani (DE)
PlayDate, Bergen, NO * with Bly de Blyant (USA/CAN/NO)
Baby castles - Point B, Brooklyn NYC, USA * with Dan Friel (USA)
Transmediale 2016, Berlin, DE * with Svarte Greiner (NO) & Telephones (DE)
FAQ Festival, s-Hertogenbosch, NL * with Gerri Jager, Deerhoof & Mats Gustafson (CH/USA/SE)
New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Brisbane, AUS * with DJ Sniff (CH)
107 Projects, Sydney, AUS * with Gail Priest (AUS)
AT Hall, Oita, JP * T/V Japan Tour (NL/NO)
Environment OG - Osaka JP * T/V Japan Tour (NL/NO)
Super Deluxe, Tokyo JP, T/V Japan Tour (NL/NO)
VGK, Kyoto JP, T/V Japan Tour (NL/NO)

  "Pixels seem to be unstatised with their binary existence and have decided to jump into the tangible universe."
Aram Bartholl




Loud Matter is a project by Animator & New Media Artist Marieke Verbiesen who works with playful interactive installations & games.
Her works have been showed at various international exhibitions, festivals & public spaces since 2003.
Marieke blends the use of animation & obsolete technology like old computerhardware and super8 film with new technologies
such as interactive interfaces and motiontracking in works based on B-Movies, Computergames and Science Fiction.