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Interactive Film Installation using Celluloid Film, Animatronics & Computergenerated Animation

by artist Marieke Verbiesen, Stan Wannet, Håvard Pedersen & the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art.


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Moviestar is an interactive installation that moulds old and new media together in order to create a reallife moving filmset. Classic film, Animation, Robotics, Sound and Motiontracking are utilised to simulate a moviescene where visitors play the mainrole. They will find themselves on a filmset surrounded by cameras, lights and a greenscreen studio, projected into a world that consists of monsters, UFO´s and other slightly surreal events that are controlled by the visitors movements in front of the camera.

The installation forms a tribute to the history of Filmmaking & Animation, that since its existence has experienced a fastmoving evolution. In the post-war era, new filmmaking oppurtunities got explored by filmmakers that created a wave of change in the way moving images and reality is perceived. In order to produce imaginative movies, filmmakers were able to compose together scenes from various sources such as live action with actors, moving puppets, changing landscapes and prerecorded material. By creating characters andfilmsets using clay, wood and gardenutilities, they shaped imaginative movieplots in ways never seen or experienced by the public before, and changed the way we look and perceive moving images forever.


A miniature filmset featuring animatronic creatures forms the backdrop in a realtime filmed movie, together with interactive animations and sounds which are activated once a visitor enters the filmset.
In front of a greenscreen on the other side of the space, the visitors movements are tracked in realtime, both sound and image respond their movements and provoke a series of unexpected events. Projected into a world that consists of monsters, UFO´s and other slightly surreal events, visitors can controll animations by by moving in front of the camera.

Visitors will see themselves projected into a cinematic world, were they are able to discover how to control the sequence of events that they are part of.